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  1. Boonton says:

    Reset? I think that means a reset from prior policies and errors committed by the current Administration.

    Prior policies and errors on Afghanistan by the Obama administration? Do you actually have a set of grips with Obama on Afghanistan or is it just assumed there’s a bunch of policy mistakes because he’s Obama? Is this a new phase in the GOP argument against Obama? Just assert there’s massive policy errors without actually bothering to say what they are. I grant you this new approach may finally address the inconsistency/incoherence problem once and for all.

  2. Mark says:

    Let’s see. You want a list?

    Obama has been in place for 16 months almost a year and half. He campaigned on Afghan being a priority. He spent a long period of time starting just over a year ago and for the next 6-8 weeks agonizing over and revamping Afghan policy. As well recently has offered remarks which cooled relationships between himself and the Afghan leadership. Of the policies he put in place he’s put far greater emphasis on drone/Predator usage as a combat arm over infantry. That doesn’t fit very well with my reading, now several years cold admittedly, of the Petraeus COIN manual. But like his other foreign policy choices he hasn’t offered any argument or insight into his strategic plans or ideas in this area … if he has one.

    So … now we need a reset? He owns the policy in place. If he now says it needs a reset, then what he is reset is not prior but his own policy mistakes.

  3. Boonton says:

    You seem to forgot the expanded US troops in Afghanistan….I’m a bit surprised you did since it was praised by McCain and Obama critics sniped that it looked a bit like McCain’s ‘Afghan surge’ idea from the campaign.

    But what’s interesting is that your list is entirely devoid of substance. Do you think the predator drone attacks are getting too much usage? Not enough? I can’t tell. “Offered remarks which cooled relationships between himself and the Afghan leadership”? Which remarks? Is the Afghan leadership right and the US wrong? On what issues?

    If he now says it needs a reset,

    You are aware you didn’t link to any statement from Obama or the administration but a FP writer? You are also aware that the article the writer wrote was talking about a ‘reset’ with Karzaid relations, not a ‘reset’ of all things Afghanistan?

  4. Mark says:

    I didn’t forget the expanded US troops in Afghanistan. You asked for a list of errors. That is indeed one of the things he did right … although I’m not in a position to figure out if the increase was enough to do the job right.

    I’m sorry, you look at the COIN manual and let me know where/how unarmed drone attacks fit into a COIN strategy at all.