Wednesday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. ABC falsified?
  2. A contrary man.
  3. Not Stalin’s Russia anymore.
  4. Heh.
  5. On free choice and reason.
  6. College and cost.
  7. I’m unclear on what Jeremiah or one of the 12 literary prophets might offer regarding that suggestion, but I suggest they might not remain silent.
  8. Connecting the dots?
  9. The fall of Rome (the Western Empire).
  10. “Acting white” = “Applying yourself in academically”. Hmm.
  11. Sea ice, 3 megayears ago.
  12. PC silliness. Almost 30 years ago, our dorm had t-shirts with the slogan “Where men are men and sheep are nervous” … I wonder if that would pass muster today.
  13. Mr Obama and the Doctor.
  14. A man and his job, this day in history.
  15. A challenge for the science bloggers.
  16. Anger management.

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