Wednesday Highlights

Actually, some links will be more than a day old as I missed getting this out yesterday.

  1. On belief and free will (or at least the freedom to believe).
  2. Hmm.
  3. On Mary, Theotokos … two opposing views.
  4. A Saint noted (and celebrated in my family as she is my eldest daughter’s name-saint as well and a fine choice for a budding intellectual).
  5. On the recently departed Patriarch.
  6. Two thoughts on Dubai, here and here.
  7. On the religious landscape of Battlestar Galactica.
  8. Law and morals.
  9. Watching Rifqa?
  10. Ouch ouch ouch … (warning just slightly nsfw … no graphics just text).
  11. An extraordinary journey by an apostle called the first-called … and a homily on the same.
  12. Economic data.
  13. Of progressives and their different treatment of Islam and Christian … and a related post.
  14. Church, state, and witness.

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  1. Boonton says:

    On the religious landscape of Battlestar Galactica.

    Very interesting, I recommend renting the Caprica movie which will launch the new series in 2010. As a prequal to BSG, it explores the human society that created the cylons. What I find very interesting about this franchise is that it imagines humanity with some very different types of histories.

    1. It tries to imagine what a truely polytheistic but moden humanity would look like.

    2. It imagines what a modern humanity would look like if its pre-history was ‘modern’. In the BSG universe, humanity originated on a planet, achieved some high state of modern technology with a polytheistic religion and then some unspecified diaster lead to humanity scattering leaving their pre-historic origins as high tech rather than primitive.

    3. The Caprica series delves into the nature of the ego or soul, esp. the implication that materialism has that if our souls are tied to the material world then ‘simulations’ of ourselves are essentially the same thing as ourselves.

  2. Mark says:

    Caprica is in my Netflix queue. I will certainly watch it sometime this winter.

  3. Boonton says:

    “Of progressives and their different treatment of Islam and Christian … ”
    Meanwhile in November a Russian priest was martyred in Moscow for the temerity of disagreeing with the Islamic religion or Putin’s oligarchy.

    Was he murdered for disagreeing with Islam or disagreeing with Putin or both? I’m not really sure why progressives are to blame for this or why progressives have a special dutry to keep the tabs updated on Putin’s corruption?