Monday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. When a philosopher says, “your meaning is not clear” … his meaning apparently is also somewhat guarded.
  2. An academic philosopher offering unintelligent remarks.
  3. We can hope.
  4. Memory, has a year passed already?
  5. Theology and a question of continuum or distinct category.
  6. This was settled once a thousand years ago … but I guess not for good, the return of the iconoclast.
  7. Controlling costs of healthcare.
  8. Yet another reason to distrust what passes for wisdom in the White House.
  9. Culture of death noted.
  10. Of worship and song.
  11. A poem.
  12. Heh.
  13. Odd robot news.
  14. The fate of America’s poor.
  15. For the AGW faithful.

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  1. Boonton says:

    Yet another reason to distrust what passes for wisdom in the White House.

    The chart appears to be a fraud. I count 15 cabinat positions per Wikipedia.
    Perusing through the bios found on, the following have private sector experience:
    Salazar – Interior
    Vilsak – Agriculture
    Lock – Commerce
    Holder – Justice
    Chu – Energy
    Duncan – Education

    From memory both Clinton & Geitner have private sector experience as well. That’s 8 out of 15, nowhere near the less than 10% the chart claims. Also note that if you follow the links to the chart you’ll end up nowhere. It appears to start at where Nick Schultz claims the chart came from a ‘friend’ who found it in a JP Morgan research report. No link to the report or citation is provided.

  2. Boonton says:

    Controlling costs of healthcare.

    Yes pity Germany where they are spendign 14.9% on health care and that seems to be not enough. That shows their system doesn’t work as good as ours.

    Ohhh wait, we are spending 16% of GDP on health care!

    Additionally, the 14.9% is the rate on gross pay that Germany pays to fund their health system. The actual portion of GDP spent on health is a tad above 10% (see

    So right off the bat our system costs 60% more than Germany’s. If there’s pressure on Germany to be a bit more lavish in their health spending, that hardly demonstrates the real problem is with their system rather than ours.

  3. Mark says:

    All get to reply to this in a bit.

    I had gum surgery this morning … links and replies hopefully I get get to at lunchtime.

  4. Boonton says:

    Good luck, I’m due for some gum surgery as well to finally finish off a root canal I started a year ago.

    FYI, the first comment on this thread has been marked ‘for moderation’? I’m sure that’s one of those quirks of the site.