Tuesday Highlights

Good morning, hmm, well mid afternoon at any rate.

  1. Start with trivia? Or something like that.
  2. Turkey teaches how not to compare crime.
  3. An Indian pro-Pakistani blog … for a US audience.
  4. The Ukraine and the H1N1 panic.
  5. Regarding the historical Jesus.
  6. Indie beating it.
  7. Climbing robot winner.
  8. Of socially and liberty conscious investing.
  9. On monogamy.
  10. It’s not Mr Obama’s fault, btw on that I concur.
  11. This on the other hand
  12. Not Maxwell Smart’s shoes.
  13. Not exactly news.
  14. Grammar and the Bible … When grammar is mentioned, Mr Saffire’s long lost grammar column from my youth comes to mind … to whit “A prepositions is something you should never end a sentence with.”
  15. Even if Mr Obama couldn’t be bothered, the East noticed.

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