Thursday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. One review of the first 6th month’s successes and failures of the new Administration.
  2. Well, that setup ain’t for racing, but one can certainly see the appeal, the other could probably climb a tree … and break your legs going downhill.
  3. 2nd quarter shows no support for stimulus benefits.
  4. The sun and climate change, oh my.
  5. Hey, it’s not a ponzi scheme if you’re soaking the taxpayers, just ask Tweed and Tammany.
  6. Some thoughts on income inequality.
  7. Accusations that that opposition to Obamacare is “an insurance company plot” is demonstration that this Administration remains out of touch with reality. So say the cricket races.
  8. Very cute.
  9. A modal argument for the existence of God.
  10. Well, I for one have little but good things to offer from my switch to Linux on my laptop.
  11. 800 died, did you notice? I hadn’t.
  12. The 100 + 1000 + 23 million Mr Clinton missed.
  13. Alexandr.
  14. Some unfunded government insurance liabilities … so says the liberal, “Please, sir may I have another?”
  15. 3 down, 62 to go.
  16. Memory and tribute.
  17. Memory eternal.
  18. I occurred to me while reading this, in the arguments discussed on “harm give birth” I wonder how those arguments transpose to the benefits to suicide? Larry?

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