Notes on a Race

Hah, my predictive powers hold true, see I predicted Frank Shleck would take the third podium spot from Lance on Ventoux … and see, just as is the norm … I was wrong. 😀

However, it remains that one of the most amazing performances of the Tour was Christian Van Velde’s eighth placing acheived while riding in support of Bradly Wiggens. Why was this so amazing? Well, on an early stage of the Giro in May he crashed and fractured five vertebrate a rib and his pelvis. Seven weeks later he rides to a top ten finish in Le Tour. 2010 looks to be a great race …. Contador, Armstrong, the Shleck brothers, maybe Cancellara riding for a GC placing, Wiggins and Van Velde all to be look strong. This isn’t even mentioning up and coming riders like Boassan-Hagen.

I might note that it doesn’t hurt my partisan view of Van Velde that he grew up in the small village in which I am living now (even though right now he lives in Spain).

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