Thursday Evening Highlights

Well, in Le Tour it looks like third place on the podium is the only thing not wrapped up … Bradley Wiggins, Lance Armstrong, Andreas Kloden and Frank Schleck all have a shot. Two Alpine stages left. If I had to guess … I’d say Frank will take that spot.

On to the links.

  1. Your group and my group.
  2. On false false analogies.
  3. With my blog’s name, I had to link this.
  4. Libertarian legal bloggers on ACORN.
  5. Advice on learning a language.
  6. On Russia from Russia.
  7. Why is the crises (rush) being invented
  8. This reminded me of that unfortunate incident in Once Upon A Time in America.
  9. A prediction.
  10. Settled
  11. Of Government and competing models.
  12. The secret to 50 year old marriage … it seems “traditional gender models” are statistically quite significant.
  13. The changing demographics of Christianity.

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  1. Boonton says:

    Libertarian legal bloggers on ACORN.

    ACORN has been presumed guilty but unfortunately it seems that no one ever gets around to actually proving they did anything wrong. The case described involves a law in PA that makes it legal to hire voter registration canvessers but illegal to pay them either on how many forms they get filled out or to set a quota. This makes me wonder what is a law abiding organization supposed to do if it hires an ass who decides to stop working. If you fire him for not getting any forms filled out he can claim you’re imposing a ‘quota’ on him. Sounds like a pretty strange law to me…

  2. The secret to 50 year old marriage … it seems “traditional gender models” are statistically quite significant.

    What does “statistically quite significant” mean when n=6 and the “method” involves informal interviews with 6 couples the author “found” and rated “successful” through means she does not share with her readers?

  3. Jim Anderson says:

    I wonder if traditional gender roles helped these couples stay together.

  4. Mark says:

    Ah, statistical means I didn’t read it carefully.