Short Thoughts

My laptop’s disk controller died. The disk seems fine … but evening blogging might be sporadic for the next few days as my access to the family computer will face competition. Some random thoughts:

  1. Our office decided (kinda on the spur of the moment) to enforce a “everyone must take one week of vacation” this month … because it looks right now like we’ll be real busy in Q3 and Q4 so it would be good to get some vacation out of the way. My eldest daughter is in summer school through July so I’m “flexing” 1 1/2 days per week for the final 4 weeks of July. I’m going to coordinate my schedule with the weather and my training. So it looks like I’ll come out of July in really good shape (and with a house projects done too).
  2. On Le Tour, Mark Cavendish is unbeatable in sprint these days. On Sunday I read a report that Tyler Farrar, not a bad sprinter himself, was unable to hold his wheel when Cavendish let fly. That’s amazing. And no, I don’t think there is a “real split” in the Astana team. I think it’s a tactic to get everyone to waste energy and time watching Lance … who is not their main threat. Remember he was the fourth strongest Astana rider Saturday.
  3. I looked over the “health care” site that the White House hosts. Remarkably free of actual concrete policy ideas. No mention of “vouchers” either, oddly enough (which came up in conversation today).
  4. The day after I tell my wife that “I haven’t had a flat tire in over a year” is the day before I have a flat tire. If that happened in a film people would think the writer was overusing a cliché.

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  1. No mention of “vouchers” either, oddly enough (which came up in conversation today).

    I already explained that was an analogy, Mark. Since nobody is proposing that people with public insurance be limited to public doctors, it’s like a “voucher” — i.e., it can be used at a private doctor.

  2. Jim Anderson says:

    Lance is still Lance.

  3. Mark says:

    Yes, but VO2Max is still VO2Max … and judging on the Giro and stage 1 … he doesn’t have it right now.

    Friday may be decisive. If the top riders go “au bloc” (all out) and Lance can stay with them, I’ll change my tune. But right now there is no indication he quite has the fitness to stay with them.