Friday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. A book recommended.
  2. Of argument and abortion.
  3. Of Mr Obama and the Sudan.
  4. Kool.
  5. Other weapons.
  6. What post-modern President means … or Mr Orwell comes home.
  7. One high risk lifestyle leads to another.
  8. Einstein and Samuel and King Saul.
  9. Exactly!!
  10. Philosophy and the spiritual life.
  11. Does she not get that the left does this all the time too?
  12. Broooadwaaay.
  13. Arrgh, SOX take 2.
  14. Rules for them, rules for the rest of us.
  15. A blogger makes a prediction … and we can hope.
  16. Iran opposition also criticizes Mr Obama.
  17. I’ve been memed.
  18. Who needs oversight when they’re “smart”.
  19. This piece starts with an interesting question, if the Iran protestors want silence … why are so many of their signs in English?

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  1. Boonton says:

    Re #16, kind of interesting:

    MM: Obama has said that there is no difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. Does he like it himself [when someone is] saying that there is no difference between Obama and [George W.] Bush? Ahmadinejad is the Bush of Iran. And Mousavi is the Obama of Iran.

    How Mousavi frames this rhetoric is very, very interesting. It appears that Muslim politicians want to appear, to the ‘Arab Street’ (yes yes Iranians are Persians but don’t get technical) that they want to move towards friendship with a US lead by Obama (as opposed to friendship with a US lead by Bush or a person perceived to be a Bush-like person…i.e. McCain-Palin).

    Perhaps Obama’s Egyptian speech wasn’t so bad after all…..even though Mark thought it should have spent more time giving credit to the Byzantiums for copying down the works of the ancient Greeks…I’ll say it again, F*** the Byzantiums!

  2. Boonton says:

    This piece starts with an interesting question, if the Iran protestors want silence … why are so many of their signs in English?

    You mean their English lessons in grammer school never covered how to write signs that say “Mr. Obama please listen to the neocons”? Amazing.

  3. Mark says:

    David Schraub in comments here insisted that the protesters don’t want recognition in the West. This counters that notion, i.e., English signage.

    As for neo-cons … I have no idea what that even means. But it might suggest his continued silence is not what they want.

  4. Boonton says:

    Don’t want recognition in the west? No one has said that here. Currently the Iranian establishment is falling back on the line that this is all a conspiracy by the US, UK, and England. In effect, seeking to exploit patriotism to put the protesters in a position appearing to be playing into the hands of hostile foreign powers. The neocons and the right in general, seems oblivious to that seeking, above all, to find anything to bash Obama for regardless of whether it is good for either people abroad or even the US at home.

    My point is simple, if the protesters feel the neocons are right they can certainly write signs in English asking Mr. Obama to directly support them. As you pointed out, one of their prime leaders even states that he is “Iran’s Obama’ while the other side is “Iran’s Bush”. There’s no need for you to channel the will of the Iranian people by assuming their use of English alone indicates anything other than a desire to communicate what they actually write in English.