Monday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. Tracking.
  2. Art. England. 10th century
  3. Also England. Car repair.
  4. Think, thank, thunk.
  5. Prime matters.
  6. The Pope speaks from the Holy land.
  7. Taking the people out.
  8. Parliament has lost its moral authority. Well, heck, those in our government don’t even know what moral authority might even mean.
  9. Souter and conservatism considered.
  10. Going home and some related reflections.
  11. A new book.
  12. Pakistan … some thoughts.
  13. VE day.
  14. Considering a (malign?) stereotype.
  15. Ways to strangle that which would strangle us.
  16. A long and interesting essay on Dollhouse.

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