Friday Highlights

Good morning (well, running a little late today).

  1. Taken with Taken.
  2. It is taken as a given that we need “good powerful science teaching”. One wonders if that is truly necessary sometimes. I’d always also followed that assumption, but do we need to teach more science to the non-scientists … or do we have to identify and encourage those few who are truly gifted at science? Some math and physics can be found here.
  3. Bike messenger delivery of girls?
  4. Joe and the Jews. More Jewish cultural musings here as well.
  5. Faith, works, and (?) liturgy.
  6. Heh.
  7. Let your yes mean yes.
  8. Architectural contrasts.
  9. Pro-choice, some criticism.
  10. Systematic theology as oxymoron. Perhaps pneumatological theology might be better?
  11. ESCR, Obama and Orthodoxy.
  12. The key to the problem with the liberal/progressive agenda.
  13. Repentance and lamentation a missing element? Might I suggest visiting a presanctified Orthodox liturgy on a Wednesday or Friday night next week?
  14. Same sex love.
  15. Recommended podcasts.
  16. The stimulus bill put in cultural context.
  17. Job. Not theodicy?
  18. A suggestion.
  19. I couldn’t tell if that was satire or not.
  20. Change (or not).
  21. Could religion be a factor?
  22. Oops.
  23. A question asked.
  24. Two chapels.
  25. A better bike (for the third world).

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  1. A question asked.

    Lots of people have lost second jobs or have had their hours cut back or are just getting less business. They don’t show up as unemployed.


    LOLOL. You guys will find criticism ANYWHERE.