Friday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. An economist looks at the numbers for Q4, here and here.
  2. A thought experiment, the pork bill, and the election.
  3. Large scale math, a social experiment.
  4. RAM expands.
  5. Carbon and economic expansion … not what you’d expect. Also examine this goofy statement by a Berkeley commission … are they insane?
  6. From the “hate filled” religious right … or “If you do not love your enemies then you do not know God.”
  7. Brrr … horse’s ass version.
  8. It might not be just corruption … the economic downturn might have a big part too.
  9. Consequences of not turning to the desert.
  10. Italian Job a solution.
  11. Islam in Brussels.
  12. Popular cinema, the Old Testament God, and a question.
  13. Mr Obama’s thermostat problem, or yet another carbon hypocrite.
  14. Meaning and text.
  15. Let your “yes be yes”.
  16. From Sirach.
  17. Big, bad and beautiful.
  18. Euthenasia and Montana.
  19. Modern “lovers of wisdom” … are not exactly lovers of wisdom.
  20. Grrrrrr.
  21. A book recommended. Another.
  22. Life after fame.

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One comment

  1. Popular cinema, the Old Testament God, and a question.

    Well that was the whole point of Jesus, right? Oh don’t worry about those pesky little rules in the Torah, guys, and God’s all about love really, not blood, death, and vengeance. All you’ve got to do is BELIEVE!

    Funny how the article seems to be aimed just at liberal Christians when conservatives are worse. At least liberals are honest about picking and choosing what makes sense to them.