Wednesday Highlights

Well, a winter wonderland greeted me this morning, with about an inch or so of fresh snow.

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  1. Glenn says:

    The virginity pledge link points to a cool arctic sled.

  2. Mark says:

    Oops. Two llinks then on that, Thinklings and Mark Horne.

  3. In but not of … or not.

    I just love the scare quotes around “church” in that link, as if it’s not really a “church” if they don’t share your bigotry.

    Democrats and the MTB crowd.

    LOL, you must have been waiting for years for a bike-related issue that you could say Republicans were better than Dems on.


    They’re complaining that the control group matched the test group in all but the one variable being tested? Um, that’s how science works. Obviously, comparing pledgers from stable families with non-pledgers living in the ghetto would not yield a valid comparison. You have to compare like with like.

    What the study shows is that virginity pledges are counterproductive, at least among that population.

    Your (link’s) argument reminds me of those who argue that Orthodox Jews have lower teen pregnancy rates than poor blacks because of their religion. Um, no, it’s because they are rich and educated and have stable families and a million other variables. Non-Orthodox Jews have similar statistics.

  4. Boonton says:

    I caught the issue with the right’s response to the study on the virginity pledge. This is a nice example of why the right is in such trouble, it takes a special kind of intellectual bankruptcy to argue that an apples to apples comparision is unfair. No wonder the last election turned out as it did.

    But I would disagree with your assertion on Orthodox Jews. First not all are rich. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many who are on some type of welfare or at least living on lower than average income. There is a major cultural difference between Orthodox Jews and other groups and that is almost certainly the major variable that accounts for different sexual behavior. I’m sure a sample of 100 Orthodox Jewish 20 yr olds and 100 20 yr old WASPs would indicate very different average sexual behavior.

    The issue is how much can you really make of this? It’s not like you can push a button and turn ten million people into Orthodox Jews. If this was a trivial cultural difference like watching the Simpsons instead of South Park you’d have an ‘easy answer’ but that’s not. In other words, it’s not really very helpful.