On that Justice/Fairness Book

Recently I began reading John Rawl’s ‘restatement’ of his position of Justice as Fairness: A Restatement, and in fairness to Mr Rawl’s I’m going to stop reading it. I think I have to get a larger more complete book. The problem is, as far as I can tell, this edition of his book is not so much as an argument but a “concise” statement of his position. But for myself, I’m needing a bit more. For example, when he makes claims equating justice as fairness, which gets stated more than once … I’m afraid I’m looking for a bit more meat than just that statement.

Justice it seems to me is a complex concept, of which fairness is an element. This becomes problematic as Mr Rawl’s spends no time exploring other “classical” or notions of justice he is replacing and then comparing that to his in order to demonstrate the superiority of his position. And this is even before he rolls out his axiomatic notions of what politically speaking fairness is, which on the face of it seems, well, to be honest unfair. So … I’m going to seek to get one of his larger works in the hopes that I can get into some meat of his argument instead of being frustrated with unsupported claims.

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