Friday Highlights

Good morning. I think I figured a semantic puzzle out. Modern liberal parlance has (for them) altered the meaning of “lie” (as in tell a falsehood). It no longer has the meaning to tell something you don’t believe. It now (for them) means tell something the listener does not believe.

Anyhow links to follow.

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  1. That sound bite will hurt.

    LOL. Really grasping at straws now, huh?

  2. Mark says:

    The point was Kerry’s misnaming Lambeau as Limbaugh Lambert field hurt him. This happened.

    A lot of American’s love football. This is a fact as well.

    Speculation that a similar slip/ignorance on Mr Obama’s part is not “a straw.”

  3. I guess we’ll see.

  4. Dr Mike says:

    “Lost Wages”?

    Is this an obscure – or is it oblique? – Steely Dan reference?

    Showbiz Kids Blogs. Cool.