Friday Highlights

Good morning. I think I figured a semantic puzzle out. Modern liberal parlance has (for them) altered the meaning of “lie” (as in tell a falsehood). It no longer has the meaning to tell something you don’t believe. It now (for them) means tell something the listener does not believe.

Anyhow links to follow.

4 responses to “Friday Highlights

  1. That sound bite will hurt.

    LOL. Really grasping at straws now, huh?

  2. JA,
    The point was Kerry’s misnaming Lambeau as Limbaugh Lambert field hurt him. This happened.

    A lot of American’s love football. This is a fact as well.

    Speculation that a similar slip/ignorance on Mr Obama’s part is not “a straw.”

  3. I guess we’ll see.

  4. “Lost Wages”?

    Is this an obscure – or is it oblique? – Steely Dan reference?

    Showbiz Kids Blogs. Cool.

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