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  1. Boonton says:

    Left wing media sexism? I didn’t realize US Magazine had been taken over by The American Prospect or The Nation and is now ‘left wing media’. See what you miss when you let your subscription to the WSJ lapse!

    Seriously, US Magazine, last I checked, was an entertainment/gossip magazine so it’s not very surprising their story would concentrate on her family life and…naturally…the juicy gossip about it. It’s not sexism that Michele Obama’s life is relatively boring….then again Obama’s kids are younger so who knows what they will do when they come of age.

  2. Administrator says:

    I didn’t link US Magazine, I linked a blog dedicated tracking it media sexism from all sources. Or did you think that blog only had one post?

    Actually, Mr Obama’s comment, “I wouldn’t want my daughters punished by having a child.” … If his 13 y/old daughter got pregant … the fault isn’t to be laid at his daughters lap … at that age a pregnancy is pretty much completely to be laid in the lap of the parent.

    Obama himself (apparently a little late) wanted this issue off the table. His followers aren’t getting the message very well it seems.

  3. Boonton says:

    Well I took the first post on the blog. Perhaps others are more in intelligent. I’m simply amazed at how the GOP insists on blowing every argument they have. Now we have crybaby identity politics coming from the right! Ohhh man, you guys are really falling short of the mark.

    Her pregnant daughter should come off the table because there’s a lot of other issues to address with Palin. But let’s be honest here, as was pointed out on another blog…if Obama had a 17 yr old daughter who was pregnant and was put on the podium in front of cheering crowds right-wingers would be all over dysfunctional black families and defining deviency down etc. It’s not sexist for the media to ask the same questions of Palin, especially since she is selling herself to the right on the basis of her family decisions (many kids, rejected abortion etc.)

  4. Mark says:

    I’ll admit fringe blogs on the right (and left) are a little overboard. But … is say Obsidian Wings a fringe left wing blog, which has been a echo chamber for much of the worst remarks as well (although *they* retracted the secessionist things this morning)? I can’t answer for other blogs. I don’t think I’ve written *any* essays about either Ms Palins children or Mr Obama’s or for that matter any politicians children (or any family members stumping on the trail).

  5. Boonton says:

    Usually Obsidian is pretty good but I admit I’m about 70 posts behind on my Google Reader so I can’t say if he went off the cliff on Palin or not. Like it or not it was Palin and other Republicans who decided to run her on her family and you gotta take the good with the bad…that her daughter got knocked up is going to make the gossip pages and if you think that’s ‘sexism’ then you’re just pleading for special treatment. Don’t think for one moment lots of right wingers wouldn’t pounce on a pregnant Obama daughter. The reason they don’t is they can’t as Obama’s family appears by all accounts to be healthy and strong.

    The CBS article I read on the secessionst track didn’t vindicate Palin. It indicated her husband was a registered member, other people supported the party while maintaining Republican registration & there’s witnesses who say she attended at least one of the party’s conventions. She has a duty to come forward and fully clear up what her involvement is or was with this party and what she thinks about its aims.

  6. Boonton says:

    I notice your standards of truth seems a bit biased by partisan blinkers. You go hysterical over Sullivan and Obsidian. Sullivan did post the initial rumer about Palin possibly covering up a pregnancy by her daughter by pretending it was hers (he was, though, just reporting stories that had been whispered in Alaska). But almost the same day he posted the picture that was dug up that disproved the story. Likewise you imply that Obsidian went off the deep end but you don’t really post evidence of such. You mischaracterize the ‘retraction’ of the seccessionist story. More information has become available and Obsidian (and others you would consider biased) posted it. That’s how blogs work.

    On the other hand you’ve failed to retract your assertion that criticizing her for supporting creationism is akin to calling Obama a Muslim when the quotes from her asserting as much has been posted here! Pot Kettle Black my friend.

  7. The liberal sexist thing is so stupid I’m not going to bother. It’s also crazy to focus on the liberal blog’s curiosity about Palin’s alleged fake pregnancy. What’s your argument now, “Wow you’re so evil for thinking that Palin’s daughter was secretly pregnant then despite all sorts of strange events… she’s secretly pregnant NOW!”

    Your link regarding Buchanan is also stupid. He’s more or less an isolationist. Therefore, he’ll more or less agree with Obama and McCain on every single country in the world (and other planets, why not?) that they don’t want to invade.

    I’d think you’d be worried that the paleocons have more common ground now with Democrats than with Republicans. Would Goldwater himself be a Republican today? His positions on everything from drugs to gay marriage to foreign policy are much closer to today’s Democrats.

    Finally, while there may be one longitudinal study showing abstinence-only to be no less effective, there’s a lot of data out there that say it is:

    Wikipedia: A comprehensive review of 115 program evaluations published in November 2007 by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy found that two-thirds of sex education programs focusing on both abstinence and contraception had a positive effect on teen sexual behavior. The same study found no strong evidence that abstinence-only programs delayed the initiation of sex, hastened the return to abstinence, or reduced the number of sexual partners.[22][23]

    So to sum up, it’s definitely no better, and it’s possibly to likely worse. So why are we even talking about it?

  8. Mark says:

    If you think the treatment of the press and the left blogs of the Bristol Palin matter can be described as “on the gossip pages” … uhm, where have you been?

    Hysterical? That’s a little overdoing it. I’ve admitted I’ve delisted Sullivan from my blogroll because his monomaniacal obsession as a Obama booster was getting very tedious. I still read hilzoy and the rest at O. Wings, and don’t mis-characterize the “retraction”. My point was blogs (left wing especially) are going off half cocked as echo chambers with little or no substantiating information and little to add.

    My point has been my point all along. You’ve been citing all sorts of things against Ms Palin. I’m not confronting them directly by countering them, just pointing out you have no context, no timeline, and so on. There is a lot of innuendo and assumptions about “what she thought and said when and where” and very little construction of any coherent picture … and there hasn’t been time for it either.

    I don’t think Ms Palin is well characterized wanting to implement creationism in schools and haven’t found the “flip-flop” analogies compelling.

    What’s the rush? There’s almost 2 1/2 months to go.

    On the creationism/Muslim thing … I’ll retract when the smoke clears.

  9. Boonton says:

    Actually the blogs are doing the vetting job that McCain should have done. The example of the ‘fake pregnancy’ illustrates this as it was the ‘half-cocked’ blog that debunked it. Likewise, if O Wings was just an echo chamber why call attention to the CBS article that pushes the seccessionist story in the opposite direction.

    “I’m not confronting them directly by countering them, just pointing out you have no context, no timeline, and so on.”

    I provided you Sullivan’s quote on Palin’s Alaskan tenure, you shrugged and said you don’t read him. When I pointed out he was quoting someone else you again shrugged it off. In reality I believe the quote came from an Alaskan blogger who watched her career quite a bit. If the charges are baseless I’m giving you the tools to discover that….not that I shoudl have too.

    As for the flip flopping, that’s been documented a half a dozen different ways. Why not start by telling us how the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ wasn’t a flip flop?

    “If you think the treatment of the press and the left blogs of the Bristol Palin matter can be described as “on the gossip pages” …”

    Where are you on your own blog! The only mention of gossip pages was talking about US Magazine which seems to have been cited as ‘left media’. Last I checked US is a gossip magazine, do you dispute that? It’s absurd to assert that it is sexist that a gossip magazine focuses on gossip as the blog you cited does!