Friday the Fourth: Links?

Yet another wordle, the Trisagion prayer. Tomorrow Le Tour begins (some history … the cannibal and his domination here).

Fourth of July

Not holiday related:

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  1. Jim Skaggs says:

    The Wordle is of the Seventh Day BAPTIST beliefs. We are a small denomination and often confused with the Adventists, but both much older and, I think it fair to say, orthodox where they may not be. In any event, we are rather [probably excessively] sensitive about the frequent confusion.

  2. Jim Skaggs says:

    Two links, today. Thanks!

    The “Wordle” is of the Seventh Day BAPTIST beliefs. We are a very small denomination – often confused with the Adventists – but much older, more doctrinally orthodox, and Baptist. We’re probably too sensitive about the confusion, but lots of people hear the first two words and mentally complete incorrectly.

  3. Jim Skaggs says:

    Sorry about the double post 🙂

  4. Mark says:

    No problem at all.