My Excuse

Well, no “longer” post is appearing tonight. My excuse … it’s the bike. As (really really) devoted readers know, I used to (road) race bicycles and I hope to get back into racing … perhaps next year. Anyhow I’m riding again (about 8-10 hours a week right now) and while often my ride allows me to think about stuff and develop some for a new post … tonight I did intervals so my brain turned to mush, during the ride.

For those don’t run or bike semi-competitively intervals are basically the only way to get faster. To ride faster, you have to … well, ride faster. Specifically, ride a lot faster than you are accustomed for shorter periods of time in order to stress your body and train it to be accustomed to working harder. That makes your heart, legs, and circulation stronger. The other two main types of training needed are slow (high cadence) easy spinning days, known as active recovery, and LSD. Not the drug, but LSD stands for the acronym Long Steady Distance … to encourage somewhat surprising “low level” biological changes in your physiognomy. The changes to your system include the obvious, training the liver and muscles to store more glycogen, recruiting and growing more capillaries in your legs, and what surprised me is that muscle cells actually begin to have greater numbers of mitochondria as a result of LSD. Pretty cool … however it’s fairly clear that the 90 minute to 3 hour rides are very different from the 7-9 hour LSD rides done by Professional cyclists.

If I manage to keep my training up, my resting heart rate will be back where it belongs in the mid to lower 40s. 😀

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