Wednesday Highlights

Good morning.

  • The Christian carnival is up in fine form, mighty early (or late).
  • Obama and corruption, not a politician unlike any other. That trope is a lie.
  • A description of “moderate Islam”, note its lack of correspondence with actual Islamic tenents. More on that here.
  • A lede for a podcast:

    A few years ago I was being interviewed on an NPR program, and the host asked me, “All this fancy stuff you do in church, the icons and candles and incense, doesn’t it get in the way? Doesn’t it distract you from worshipping God?”I said, “Imagine that it’s your anniversary, and your husband has taken you to a nice restaurant. There’s a white cloth on the table, roses and candles, a glass of wine, and violin music is playing in the background. Does that distract you from feeling romantic?”.

  • Conservative or Libertarian, that’s one question.
  • Gore sets the examplenot!
  • An interesting spin on the pro-choice equal or not the pro-abortion notion. Compare the “I’m against abortion, but don’t want to enforce it by law and prefer to work through culture.” to “I’m against torture, but just don’t want to enforce it by law and prefer to work through culture.”
  • The world as mystery.
  • De-mystifying Hegel.
  • I loved the film, That sinking feeling, is that one of those sinks, well adorned with two cherubs?
  • Virtue, vice and Aquinas, de-mystified.
  • Memory Eternal, my favorite dancer has passed away.
  • Heh.
  • A program to check out. And some hints for Firefox 3.
  • Wine is out.
  • I don’t get it.
  • A problem I haven’t had, cow infestation.
  • Girls and jobs.

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