Evening “Notes”

Choral. I was at my daughter’s choral middle school choral concert. As the kids get older, these events get easier and easier to bear. The only trouble is it’s spring, which for far too many musical directors means … showtunes. Gaack. I find the showtune music aesthetic to cloying, to syrupy if that makes any sense.

I’ve also begun, for fun reading, the space opera by Walter Jon Williams, Dread Empire’s Fall, finishing the first book while between dropping my daughter off and for the concert to begin. It’s failing so far, is that it has been just a little predictable … on the other hand it is well crafted and imagined. I suspect as well, that the other books will have some surprises in store. For predictability is not exactly a damning thing, many of the events of the great novels are “predictable” but it’s the getting there that makes it worth the doing.

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