Thursday Highlights

Good morning. Links?

  • Carl Olson watches the race to the (moral) bottom. Ms Boxer “wins.”
  • Brown and discourse.
  • Religious freedom in Russia … or the lack thereof. Good news for Russia on the other hand, their oil rents might be ending.
  • 1st century Nazareth.
  • Say it ain’t so … that “I have nothing left to say, really.” isn’t a end to your blogging! If nothing else keep quoting St. John Chrysostom. 😉
  • A birthday anniversary noted.
  • On free will and dignity … in my defense I’d have to say I didn’t mean that free will was exclusively creativity … but that creative requires free will, and that creativity by a creature then is proof that being is free willed.
  • One problem with mocking the anti-communist stance is, well, it was right. If one says, “A similar dynamic exists with the whole “Marxist” bit that Kristol and Fightin’ Joe Lieberman recently trotted out. My hunch is that younger people thought this accusation was too stupid to warrant much of a response. But to older people, it still likely packs a punch. Remember that the neoconservative movement — and Reagan more generally — rose to power on anti-communist fearmongering.” Communism was worse than the right remembers and far far far worse than the left pretends.
  • Professors in nappies. Well, not quite … but you get the idea.
  • Wylie E. …. in nappies.
  • A poem … which doesn’t sit well with the notion that St. George was a Cappadocian Roman soldier in the fourth century.
  • On the SBC.
  • For Holy week, on Wednesday’s matins … a homily. On the brain and hearing vs reading vs chanting vs singing.
  • A Reformed scientists reviews Expelled.
  • In praise of the apophatic method.
  • Baptism is/as ordination to the laity?
  • This is, I think, the “orthodox” American legal standing on church and state with respect to the schools. I think it’s wrong. I think school boards as local government are not bound by Constitutional law concerning separation of church and state. Why do people assume that the Constitution forbids or regulated local (non-state) government in that way?
  • Geometry of Scripture.

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  1. One problem with mocking the anti-communist stance…

    Who’s mocking that? They’re mocking the McCarthy-like accusations of secret Marxism.

  2. Mark says:


    “anti-communist fear-mongering” seems to me to mock (i.e., “fear-mongering”) and was in part implies communism was either not the threat that we assumed or that was not as bad as we think. It was and it was (worse).

  3. Anne says:

    Hi Mark

    & Happy almost-Pascha.

    For the record, your view of free will still confuses me. We’re just coming from very different perspectives, no doubt.

    Take care & God bless
    Anne / WF