Wednesday Highlights

Good morning.

  • On distaff blogging,  which at the end supports the notion that the right is more polite, i.e., “I will say that I’m particularly shocked to find that about 95% of this comes from the left, particularly the fraternity potty talk–my right wing commenters usually limit themselves to saying “you’re pretty”, which is the sort of thing no one, male or female, minds hearing.”
  • On the reading of Scripture.
  • A suggested Olympic logo.
  • A big crowd of evangelical Christians … and likely very few “haters of liberals in the bunch.”
  • Not that’s just stupid.
  • The Christian carnival.
  • An opinion from the left,  in which this claim is made “Bush continues to rely on force, thereby multiplying the army of terrorists more quickly than he can suppress them, while strengthening the conviction in Iran that possession of nuclear weapons is the only guarantee of its security.” Is there any factual basis for that claim?
  • Looking to the West at Pope Benedict.
  • Examples of disappearing freedom of expression in France.
  • Rights and obligations … I’d have to agree that rights are a construction and obligations are the more fundamental thing .. in part because I think notions of rights are incoherent and mostly useless.
  • On Icons.
  • No.
  • Christians in the land of the Pharoh.
  • An attempt at making Quantum mechanics accessible.
  • Contra Obama. And parsing that which was not said by Mr Obama about religion.
  • Mike re-appears … briefly? Say it ain’t so.
  • Re-watching Gibson’s Passion.

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