Friday Highlights

Good morning. Clear sunny 58 and chance thundstorms in the offing.

  • Not quite getting the whole English language thing.
  • The early church was set apart from the rest of society by (in the words of their contemporaries) their “amazing sexual restraint”. How’d they do it. One way is this.
  • Aaaaahhhh.
  • Names and another possible (woman) apostle.
  • Stop talking?
  • I haven’t checked the debate out yet, but I think that the answer is yes and no (on whether a Christian can be a religious pluralist). That is, yes he should be tolerant, respectful, and not insist to other religions that their way is necessarily in error. But no, a Christian within himself should not be a pluralist.
  • When you fall down.
  • Zombie links, and I guess if I understand it rightly, my free-will notions I’ve been blogging about mean I’m deny the existence of the zombie.
  • Hypothetical humanities.
  • Colson is re-appearing.
  • Explosive econmic growth.
  • Love and a really big nose.
  • National shame although I don’t really know the details of how that transpired.
  • Academic fun … a long ways from home.
  • “Cry rooms”, put me in category “A”.
  • Growing up and mom.
  • On Church unity … the scandal.

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