Apocoplytic Literature: A First Look

The “Left Behind” series is widely criticized. Mocked by non-Christian and by many (if not most) Christians as well. In my recent wild fancy to read four books based on the wedding jingle, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” … the “borrowed” book was a fortuitous find. I was lent Father Elijah: An Apocalypse. This is a book in the same tradition as the “Left Behind” series, that is it takes Revelations and Christian end times seriously. However it is based on markedly less lurid Roman Catholic eschatology and is a little more thoughtful. Father Elijah’s encounters with the “enemy” and others deals consistently and correctly with ideas of how to confront evil in our world. I’m almost done, the climax of the story is around the corner.

One interesting note, universality, the idea that all world religions are at the core, one is, perhaps, the principle message being rejected in this book.

I’m going to pen a more substantive post on this book in the upcoming weeks. But, I do recommend it to all.

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