Wednesday Highlights

Good morning. Not quite so cold, 27F.

  • Doug at Stones Cry Out, notes some front-loaded research … nothing like working to confirm your assumptions.
  • Tradition and the untraditional church.
  • Two things, here and here, both called “bike”.
  • I ask you these questions three, “What is your favorite color?”, … uhm. Oops. Wrong questions, try these.
  • Verse.
  • On Death.
  • The morality of crossing party lines in primaries noted. What do you think, I think if the party thinks its ok then crossing is ok, but also that it is morally wrong to vote for a candidate on the other side whom you think would make a worse President but vote for them because you think they might be a weaker opponent in the final race.
  • Some reading lists for global jihad.
  • Press and the Clinton campaign. No love lost there, eh?
  • Faith and science.
  • Water and other things, under that bridge.
  • Starting in 1976 and for about 20 years … a lot of my time, effort, and imagination¬† …¬† Memory eternal.
  • The title is worth the price of admission.
  • Last night I noted the left has a different view of Islam than the left, support for that claim here.
  • On being Christian in North Korea.

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