Thursday Highlights

Balmy weather here in Chicago, 20F and cloudy.

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  1. Frank says:

    Thanks for the link…it is appreciated. That is a huge deal for the future of the Inet as I see it.

    We are looking forward to the TOC starting Sunday. Hope you get to see some of it live, or on the web like we plan to watch it. Also hoping that Blogwatch gets rolling again soon.

    Thanks for all you do online and for your support of Swap Blog. Good luck on surviving Chicago in winter. We are back to riding indoors down here due to a recent cold snap.

    Stay strong, be courageous, and serve God in all things.

  2. DLE says:

    And I, too, will say thanks for the link to my post at Cerulean Sanctum, Mark. And for all the past links! It’s harder to get the time together to say thanks for all the readers who link back to their own blogs now that some 25 million blogs exist (or some figure like that).

    I appreciate your faithful readership and the links!