I’ve Been Memed: Celebrity

Weekend Fisher has tagged me with the Celebrity meme. The meme, answer these questions:

  1. Who would s/he be?
  2. Where would you expect him/her to bring you?
  3. Where would you bring him/her?
  4. What would you like to do with him/her?
  5. What’s the one thing you’d been always wanting to ask the celebrity?
  6. If s/he didn’t treat you well, would s/he be your favorite celebrity?
  7. What would you give to him/her as a gift before saying goodbye so s/he’d remember you?
  8. Tag 3 people.

Now, I’m assuming some things about this “Celebrity”, that is the common famous people currently living related to “show business”, not for example famous Comp-Sci icon like Donald Knuth, mathematicians like Terrence Tao, or theologians like Metropolitan John Zizioulas and living so we might exclude any number of very famous people. Too many others I like, for example as authors Dan Simmons or other popular authors are too obscure to be celebrated/celebrity. What is my answer?

Iwas hoping over the weekend to come up with an idea of a celebrity who was really a celebrity, Eddy Merckx for example is a celebrity in Europe but cycling is too small a sport to matter here. From the acting community, I was really really impressed by Michael Kitchen in the Foyle’s War series … but again I think too far “down on the charts” to count.I wanted to think of a famous person recognized in America as really a celebrity who was actually praiseworthy and someone whom I wanted to meet. Alas, my small brain can’t figure an answer to that question this weekend. But there is a celebrity, with whom I think I’d be glad for some advice with respect to my youngest daughter … so with that in mind we begin:

  1. So my celebrity choice would be Nadia Comaneci. She may be out of the spotlight for some time but I watched, was amazed with the world, and admired/adored her during the 1976 Olympic games. My youngest daughter is, albeit starting a little late, becoming enthusiastically involved in gymnastics and beginning to compete.
  2. I wouldn’t expect her to bring anything.
  3. Perhaps we could meet at a meet? That would be cool. I’m a novice at watching gymnastics. Some pointers at what to look for from the stands would be really nice.
  4. I’d like to talk, to get advice with respect to my daughter.
  5. What’s fame like? Is it worth it if it comes during your pursuit of your passion/vocation?
  6. I wouldn’t feel bad if she didn’t treat me well. I’m the one imposing on her.
  7. I think a nice goodbye gift might be an icon of St. Emmelia, my daughter’s name/Chrismation saint. I don’t know if she’s Orthodox, but the percentage of Orthodox in Romania is in the high 90’s so there’s a chance. I’d hope she might find a place for it in her corner if that wasn’t too large an imposition.

Three to tag? How about Brandon at Siris who might be able to think of a celebrity of virtue, Matt Anderson of Mere Orthodoxy might have some interesting thoughts on this as well, and last but of course not least, I’ll try, Jim Skaggs of One Eternal Day.

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  1. Anne says:

    I watched ’76 Montreal and was completely awed by Comaneci. For a long time afterwards I read every article about Comaneci. Did you know some of the ’76 Montreal videos of her are on-line now? I watched some with my children to explain to them who she was, why she was considered one of the best female gymnasts of all times (possibly the best). After they saw her uneven parallel bar routine, they were suitably impressed.

    Great choice!

  2. Jim Skaggs says:

    Sorry, Mark. I have no imagination for that sort of thing, and, like you, most of the celebrities I might come up with are either dead or celebrities primarily in my own head and nowhere else.

  3. Mark says:

    No problem, no pressure. Meme’s are just a game in my book. A sometimes aid to the everpresent question of “what to write about today?” 😀