Thursday Highlights

Good morning.

  •  The Christian Carnival is at Everyday Liturgy.
  • Only if you respect the person giving them … and recall Congress has a lower “approval” rating by far than the President. I think the only endorsements that really mean anything are the done one by personal acquaintences the ones by public figures are largely irrelevant.
  • Are a three overenthusiastic knights needed regarding that meddlesome priest fellow? And I’ll take Henry’s alibi (I don’t mean it literally).
  • Scum? noted.
  • Female priests in the Catholic church, discussed.
  • Reading slower and more carefully on those “beautiful Russian women.
  • Preparing for Lent.  And here. I’ll re-iterate my remark. on Monday March 10, if you celebrate Lent in your parish or tradition, find an OCA or Antiochan Orthodox parish and go to the Canon of St. Andrew (that is repentance and Lent have a connection for you). There is no better liturgical reflection on repentance than that.
  • Chicago is having a hard winter, so is China.
  • Yawn.
  • Contra the rate cut, with damping fluctuations as the key role on which point I’ll agree.
  • Links here.
  • A priest on why he isn’t an Atheist.
  • On that Game this weekend (and church).
  • Mike gives us Benedict speaking on Augustine, part one of many I think.
  • When, oh when, will the “pundits and bloggers” lose faith in polls? It seems never.
  • New car tech.
  • On Market and the left.
  • Against Obama.

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