Wednesday Highlights

Good morning y’all. It’s a balmy (sunny) -2F here today. Last night, I worked late and got to drive home in 30 mph winds and rapidly dropping temperatures (about 8 at the time). Links?

  • Anticipating matriarchy.
  • Doctrinal irrelevance and cafeteria Christianiaty attacked vehemently at On the Square.
  • Al-Qaeda the their role in moderating Islam.
  • Marraige. A book.
  • Good news. “Myanmar’s detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday was allowed to meet with top members of her party as well as with a government liaison officer, an official told AFP.”
  • Rights from the left.
  • A message for the candidates from a blogger post-Florida.
  • God is not a watchmaker.
  • Last night I disagreed with a blog neighbor on terms used. Via What’s Wrong With the World, a quote that might help that discussion:

    It is, in consequence, insufficient to observe that, to continue the illustration, fascists often evinced a concern for health and organic foods, contemporary liberals do the same, and both were/are willing to police individual conduct (or at least engage in moralizing discourses to this effect) in order to ensure that the common good in this area of existence is respected, deriving the conclusion that both fascism and liberalism share an ideological lineage. Narratives matter.

    The point being that the terms used may be the same, but the narrative in which they are couched has been ignored in his dissent with Conservative values.

  • Bush and Obama, both good men and some evidence.
  • The “emergent church” and heresy.
  • Mark Daniels compares Hoover and Romney, which brings up a question unanswered but assumed in the article. Presidents actually often have little impact on economic events such as inflation and depression. How much did Hoover’s policies impact the depression. Weren’t they caused by factors predating his Presidency? If so, what’s the point of the comparison?
  • Run away!
  • Gay rights.
  • Ice fog. Yikes!
  • Two paths to a secular government and society.
  • A theology of malaise.

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  1. “Bush and Obama, both good men”

    Very true. Although I disagree with Obama on all matters of policy, he is a good and decent man. It’s too bad that he has to run against the Clinton slime machine. Those two will do and say anything in the pursuit of power.