Thursday Highlights

Good morning. -5 F here this morning. It’s expected to get all the way up to …. 8.

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  1. # Bill Clinton lying. Say it ain’t so. Actually, that brings out a question, the left is outraged that they think Bush lied. And how then do they remember Mr “never inhaled” Clinton in a good light one wonders?

    Clinton lied (most famously) about his personal life, albeit once under oath. Bush lied (overtly or at the very least by insinuation and manipulation of data) us into a war that has killed a few hundred thousand people and cost us almost half a trillion dollars… so far.

    I was sorely disappointed in Clinton’s bald-faced “I did not have sex with that woman” lie. I respect Obama’s candid admissions of his past drug use as compared to Clinton’s infamous “I didn’t inhale” line. Still, there is absolutely no comparison between the lies.

    Honestly, I think Clinton is disgracing his legacy this year on the campaign trail. People who follow politics are going to remember his current behavior as opposed to his polished elder statesman role that he had played well for the previous 6 years.

    I still think he was a great conservative president. I wish he had done more with Rwanda. I wish he hadn’t had freaking oral sex in the oval office and then lied about it. I wish he hadn’t thrown the gays under the bus. I wish he and Hillary hadn’t ruined universal health care for almost two decades. But overall, he was pretty spectacular fiscally and, until the Lewinsky debacle, a great public face for our country.

  2. Mark says:

    You think that’s all Clinton lied about? Wow.

    And I think your calling him conservative gives credence to my definition of conservative and liberal. That is everybody tends to think they are in the center. Conservative/Liberal just means more Conservative/Liberal than I.

  3. Of course not; I’m not naive. That’s why I wrote “Clinton lied (most famously) about…” rather than “Clinton lied about…”

  4. Mark says:

    Oh. OK.

    You know, the view “from the right” on Clinton as “conservative” if it stems mostly from “his” welfare reform/reduction. That was seen as a typical Clintonesque lie. After fighting a losing battle, (against a GOP controlled Congress), when the loss was seen to be inevitable, claim then that it was “your idea” all along and you “always” supported it.

  5. Haven’t we talked about this before? Clinton campaigned in 1992 promising to “end welfare as we know it.” Saying that he took that position only after losing to Congress is simply false.

  6. In other words, he started that with that position before there even was a Republican Congress.

  7. Mark says:

    “End welfare as we know it” can mean a lot of things.

    You can end it by more “effective” government social program and socialization or you can end it by cutting benefits short.

  8. In exchange, Mr. Clinton repeated his past promises to demand more of parents. He said he would crack down on fathers who refuse to pay child support and limit mothers on welfare to a stay of no more than two years. After that, he said, they would have to take a job in private business or perform community service to receive Government aid.

    By the time we’re through, we shouldn’t have a welfare program in America,” he said. “We ought to have a helping hand program followed by a jobs program.”

    Mr. Bush rarely discussed welfare until the campaign heated up this year. Since then, he has said that he wants to give states increased flexibility to conduct experiments

    WaPo, 1992. Emphasis added.

    There’s no question that he compromised with Republicans, but there’s also no question that he was for serious welfare reform before the Republican Congress even existed.

    Can’t you give credit where it’s due?