Thursday Highlights

Good morning. The weather in Lemont still “high normal” today ~32 for the night and expected to get to 40 or so. The winter average is about 25 +/- 30 degrees. Here in Reno, its the same (although I don’t know the norms).

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  1. MSM labeling, one proof that the MSM is very liberal, they label Obama moderate.

    No they don’t. That’s simply untrue. Even the link you post has to strain to argue that one single columnist called him politically moderate (as opposed to moderate in tone, which she does explicitly, and which is true.)

    Or are you treating the word “moderate” as you do the word “human” — all meanings collapsed into one? 🙂

  2. Andrew says:

    I have posted a critique on my blog here of the article you link to as “Being fair to Pelagius”.

    Speaking as a non-American, both of American’s parties are very right-wing and “conservative” compared to most of the rest of the Western world. Both parties would probably be more conservative than even the most conservative political party in my own country. So the whole issue of conservative / liberal really is a subjective one (as I find it to be in theology also!). Incidentally also, the rest of the world seems to think that voting left-wing is the Christian thing to do and the USA is virtually alone in associating “Christian” and “right-wing”.

  3. DebD says:

    I have a fellow blogging friend who is reading Bradshaw’s book and giving us her thoughts. She’s a convert to OO. Here’s one installment for your perusal:

    Book Dust


  4. Mark says:

    Thanks for the link. My RSS/Google Reader list thanks you too. 😉