Friday Highlights

Good morning, post Iowa for y’all political junkies (of which I guess I’m not numbered).

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  1. …and an odd phrase “ferocious intelligence” ?! Whazzat?

    Thanks for the link. By ferocious intelligence, I mean intelligence combined with a sharp curiosity and the ability and desire to focus it intensely. I guess it’s not so much that the intelligence is ferocious, but that it’s used ferociously.

    As an analogy, Michael Jordan was a ferocious talent. Kobe Bryant has nearly an identical talent, but he’s not as ferocious with it.

  2. DebD says:

    Matt Anderson commended your blog to me as I am also an Orthodox convert.I have enjoyed reading bits here and there.

    A Joyous Feast Day of Theophany to you and memory Eternal to Tolkien.

  3. Mark says:


    And please, don’t be shy, all of your comments will (hopefully) answered and appreciated highly.