Thursday Highlights

Good morning. 0 degress F here in the morning again. Yesterday it got all the way up to 18 degrees, which by comparison seemed balmy.

  • Heh, actually too true. (HT: Thoughts of a Regular Guy)
  • Faith and the City in Modern Gaul at On the Square.
  • Another carnival, this time Bible Studies.
  • Hate Bias crime and Christmas noted at the Scoop.
  • Grace and grumbling for the new year.
  • Arendt and Eichmann at Siris. In another piece, must soldiers be akin to The Shadow, and know what lurks in the hearts and minds of their leaders?
  • Disparate consumption noted. Alas, statistically speaking Mr Collier (The Bottom Billion) finds racial and class differences are not indicative of unrest, at least civil war.
  • Adrian Peterson is the most offensive, err, top rated offensive rookie.
  • Hopefully this is satire. Somebody thinks anti-intellectualism is confined to the GOP, rose tinted glasses indeed.
  • Ashamed?
  • For those claiming equivalence between Christian and Muslim fundamentalists, replace Muslim with Christian as suggested here … does it pass your reasonableness test?
  • Color me not surprised.
  • A poll on happiness.

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