Life is A-Mazing

My youngest daughter, age 11, offers this little analogy (we edited it together somewhat):

Life is like a big maze. We don’t know which way to turn because what is around each corner is something you don’t know. We must just hope to turn the right way, the way you are meant to go. Sometimes you just might make the right or wrong turn by chance. Life is also like a maze because cheating gets you into trouble. But you must conquer your fear. We should try to think like Jesus or God because they are perfect role models. They never take the wrong turn, do not cheat, and always think before they do anything. So if you think and act in the way that Jesus or God would, nothing bad will happen. Except that because of your belief in the Lord, you may be mocked for His sake. The people who make fun of you are probably just jealous of how kind and generous you are to them and on how many people believe in you and that you will lead them out of the maze safely.

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