Friday Highlights

Good morning.

  • Congress on Cars. Emissions and mileage. I think the emissions complaint is valid. My (new for me used) car a Honda Insight as far as fuel consumption goes is still the best production car out there. It emits 80 g/km Carbon. Suggesting fleet rates 50 higher than that in 8 year is a moon shot. The other problem is that carbon emissions are directly related to fuel consumpion, the mileage requirements are 35mpg by 2020. These numbers don’t match. If a car getting 70mpg emits 80g/km, how can a 2020 fuel averge of 35mpg not be around 160g/km? How can it be required to be 120g/km by 2012? Duh.
  • Warrior class in America.
  • Hiding the news.
  • Winterval should not be a word.
  • On Advent 3rd week.
  • Rousseau and God.
  • Now there’s a topic to garner attention, on sex and money.
  • RedHunter on COIN.
  • On Dating, better to just burn your money.
  • A shocking preface.
  • Recently I recalled comments on comparing the trust the left has in women on abortion compared with their lack of trust on other things. Case in point, Mr Obama wants the government at your dinner table.
  • “You don’t review it, it reviews you.”
  • Germany and Scientology.

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  1. Case in point, Mr Obama wants the government at your dinner table.

    The article you link to does not say that.

  2. Grace says:

    VRy interesting to read it 😛 😀