Wednesday Highlights

Good morning.

  • In contrast to yesterday, I have a sense that my link list is shallower today … so … Tim Challies has four.
  • Tim Moore at On The Square recounts ecumenical discussions between Evangelical and Catholic on Marian devotion.
  • Ways to truth, two epistemological methods (dialectic and narrative) long at odds discussed at Overcoming Bias.
  • Elizaphanian produces data demonstrating in some measure the North Hemispheric bias of the global warming hypothesis.
  • A kidnapping. Spread the word. Keep eyes open. Express outrage.
  • Amazon bleg.
  • A meditation on knowing God.
  • A patristic primer highlighted at a Catholic press blog, Insight Scoop.
  • Weedon quotes a patristic father of special interest to me.
  • hyperekperissou notes in a discussion of the Church fathers, “His discussion of St. Justin and St. Irenaeus is, I think, illuminating, if disturbing for a patristics enthusiast living in this post-Holocaust world”.
  • Mark Twain didn’t finish his syllogism, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” might be amended to add “Politician’s promises”. Examine Mynamar, exhibit A.
  • Employee discrimination that should never fade.
  • Steven Harris on Wright.
  • In praise of Bella.

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