Monday Highlights

Good morning.

  • News? … not exactly. Back in the day (1980s), I had a roomate in Med-school. Internal medicine vs surgery as solution is not exactly a new tension.
  • A take on theodicy which ultimately sounds somewhat Seussian at Quintessence of Dust. That is the syllogisms to which theodicy is reduced strike me that way.
  • A paper discussed. JP Moreland discusses a paper delivered on Christianity as a Knowledge Tradition at the Scriptorium.
  • Green Car Congress follows GMs hybrid excurses.
  • Burnout on the faith beat in the paper media … moving to blogs? To beat burnout? Hmm.
  • What happened to Aristotle? A question for the Scoop (or Mr Kreeft).
  • Links from the world of logic at Siris.
  • hyperekperissou reads Misquoting Jesus.
  • Weekend Fisher continues her thoughts on Faith.
  • At Bumi Dipijak, an Asian Orthodox Christian (I think) notes and comments on a Catholic (Ratzinger’s) response to Luther. The soundtrack to “it’s a small world” is all that’s missing.
  • Words of wisdom from C&W discovered at Chicago Boyz.
  • Zach Wendling wins the most unexpected change of topic award.
  • Beowulf and more Beowulf. Being a review and link roundup, respectively.
  • The age defined, no surprise there.
  • Pray.
  • Challenging Times with “things learned at Willow Creek.”
  • A very bad man.

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