Friday Highlights

Good morning. It looks like I forgot to hit the “post” button on this one. Oops. Better late than never.

  • Fr Neuhaus at On The Square on a variety of topics. An interesting thought inside, “a tax exemption is not a subsidy,” referring to church’s not being taxed here in the US. That’s a difficult point, as I can see arguments on both sides of that coin. On the one hand, churches make money. On the other hand, kite flying is not taxed. Kite flying is not by any stretch therefore “subsidized”.
  • Drought in Atlanta, Water in the UK at the Gray Monk.
  • Opium and religion, at Prosthesis.
  • Manipulation of press at NewsBusters.
  • Benedict and The Way of the Fathers highlight the Golden Tongue today.
  • Religious ambition, Babel, and idolatry at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength. I think this notion is a tricksy one. St. Augustine in his Confession had in part, a problem with becoming Christian because it entailed, for him, celibacy and he didn’t want to give up on the attentions of the ladies. Now, he (and we), know married people can be Christian. It’s just that Church leaders, priests, monastics, and Bishops all required celibacy. He couldn’t be Christian if he couldn’t be a leader. Was that realism and self-recognition of talent and calling or … an ambition that might be idolatry?
  • On water, price, and utilities at Chicago Boyz.
  • A long essay on Christian ethics at Triablogue.
  • God “whisper’s” at Common Grounds. Unlike Augustine above (or Edwards in the essay).
  • There’s a joke about Joe Frazier, in which a dude at a bar is really upset on losing a bet he made on Joe. He threatens to strike Joe. Joe replies, “If you hit me … and I find out about it…“. Publius Pundit thinks we’re at war with Russia … if we find out about it?
  • Missing GodBlogCon (like me 🙁 ). Here’s some podcasts: one, two, three.
  • St. Maximus on the filioque from Bumi Dipijak (HT: Cathedra Unitatis). That former link is a blog to watch (RSS).
  • Mr Sullivan jumps the shark (or needs a clue). He seems to (intentionally?) misunderstand that the importance in the change in results in Iraq is because of a tactical/strategic shift represented by COIN and Petraeus new strategy not the small “surge” in troop levels. A much better analysis and discussion can be found at The Long War Journal.
  • A disappointed Democrat (probably standing alongside the disappointed Republicans?) at the Levellers.

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