What were you doing … 10, 20 and 30 years ago. The Internet is a wild place, a Bible translator living in Africa tags me with a meme, while on the road in Reno living in (or outside of) Chicago.

  • 1997 — Employed at the same place as now, just a year into racing bikes, happily married with two little toddler girls aged just shy of 1 and 3. Attending Church regularly as a resident alien, i.e., not as a Christian myself.  Most of my reading was of the non-directed entertainment variety. 7 years out of Academe, working to perfect the craft of programming toys, err, computers to make machines do things.
  • 1987 — In graduate School at the U of Chicago, starting work on what would be come my very strange thesis project, attempting to apply non-Archemedian numbers in analogous forms and formalisms as continuous Archemedian ones. Watching a rediculous amount of cinema. My computer was a hopped up Commodore Amiga, on which a lot of time and money got sunk. Three years into my non-church-going fallen away years. Still playing RPGs.
  • 1977 — Sophmore year in High School, bookworm and proto-geek. Frightenly shy around members of the opposite sex. Living at home. My summer job … documenting a large Fortran process control program for the old HP-1000. RPG role playing games were a big time sink in these years.

Tagging for myself I’d choose, Kevin, Brandon, Joe, and Jim.

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