Thursday Highlights

Good morning. Well, last night, when I posted links, I used the day instead of “morning.” I think that’s a good idea, so I’m going to continue. Unless someone objects or has gotten accustomed to the prior headline/tite.

  • On the Square notes Ms Rand’s opus is 50 today. At least tne note is shorter then Mr Galt’s speech.
  • A homily by Wesley at connexions.
  • Benedict continues his lectures on the fathers, text at The Way of the Fathers.
  • Byzantine history noted at What’s Wrong With the World. Not Tours in 732, but Constantinople in 678 and 718.
  • The Fire and the Rose on music and material girl, ahem, world.
  • 19 (more) things the church in America gets wrong at openswitch.
  • Ed Brayton made a categorical (wrong) statement that “that there is absolutely no support to be found anywhere in the Bible for a free society, nor was there any support to be found in Christian theology prior to the Enlightenment.” The error is pointed out at Evangelical Interaction.
  • Slashdot notes predictions of language change.
  • Church as failure.
  • Sumer reimagined in music linked by Dr Platypus.
  • A meme, I’m tagged, I’ll respond tonight I hope.
  • 300 mpg at Engadget. Order now?
  • Why fight?

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  1. The Fire and the Rose on music and material girl, ahem, world.

    You’re missing a link.