Morning Highlights

Good morning.

  • Where awful does not mean awe-filled, at Sentire cum Ecclesia.
  • Is this true for you, if my self-knowledge of worth anything … it’s not mine, but whaddya think? at Wondermark.
  • Conversion considered on the Coast of the High Barabee.
  • Not unrelated to the above, a suggestion for those embroiled in controversy at Theology of the Body.
  • Need to unstuffing the mental circuts? A suggestion at Lifehacker.
  • Political outing as Baptist vs Episcopal? Mr McCain at
  • Five books in the slammer? Make a list. Find a sample by willzhead.
  • At Bede’s Journal, a short story recommendation.
  • “For Žižek, just as ‘money is the commodity as such, Christ is man as such’ (p. 514).” for more see Faith and Theology.
  • Trow da bums out … at Neeka’s Backlog. I wonder if a backroots movement as such might gain traction here, i.e., a non-partisan platform of univerally voting against the incumbent.
  • Maths fun. Part 1.
  • A discussion on Iraq and motive at Chicago Boyz.
  • A summary of Fear and Trembling at

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