Things Worse Than Death

As a starting point, the “debate”, which I missed as it’s still too early to bother, in my opinion The No Kool Aid Zone (this refers to comments between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee):

As Mike said, we can leave for the historians the question of whether or not we should have gone in. But now that we’ve “broken it”, we have to fix it, and our honor is more important than Republicans winning elections. Yes, Mike, yes, 1000 times yes!

If you want to know why none of the top Democrat candidates want to come out full ahead with the “withdraw” from Iraq categorically, read Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America and realize that the two major “folkways” of Mr Fischer, the Southern and Backcountry, still influence American south and withdrawal is a matter of honor and pride. A categorical withdrawal means punting in the Southeast and that segment throughout the country. No serious politician gives up such a large sector that lightly.

Communism showed us there are things worth fighting against. Life as dhimmi is another.

In 674, Byzantium resisted Islam in a crucial battle/seige four year which was the first major setback of three which halted the 7th and 8th century tide of Arab Islam (a second battle with Byzantium was the 2nd and Charles Martel at Tours was the third). A candidate who suggests that Iraq in 2008 be the first major setback for the West be voluntarily us (or the US) without first/also suggesting an aggressive strategy for addressing and confronting Islamic fundamentals will lose faith with a large voting bloc.

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  1. Jean says:

    “Honor” or more honestly “saving face” is:
    1. A lie
    2. Won’t work

    It didn’t work in Vietnam, and it won’t work in Iraq.

    We are not in Iraq for honest reasons to begin with. We’re there to make a whole hell of a lot of money for Bush and buddies. We’re in there to genocide the Iraqi people.

    I read a newspaper article online just yesterday. It stated that the British troops were leaving Basra (2nd largest city in Iraq), and that the violence had dropped 90%. I made a quick check and couldn’t refind the link… sorry.

    The money we are sending over there to “rebuild” Iraq is not going to rebuild Iraq! Its going to build military bases for US! I saw a video where a reporter was showing how we “rebuilt” a school. They took a severely damaged school and repainted it, and called it rebuilt.

    We lost our honor the minute we believed the lies and sent our guys in there. The world mourned with us after 9/11. Now we are hated worldwide.

    Do I support our troops? Absolutely! Every one of those boys over there is MY son! I support them by trying to save their lives… JUST BRING THEM HOME! Do I support the Bush regime? No way in hell!

    Is America’s “honor” more important than our son’s lives? Is America’s “honor” more important than thousands upon thousands of Iraqi lives? The answer is an emphatic NO! Our “honor” is not worth the life a one Iraqi baby, because there is no honor in that.

  2. Jean says:

    One more thing…

    From a quick scan of your website, you appear to be a Christian, as am I. But I have to ask you…

    Where in the Bible does it say, “Thou shalt not kill… unless your honor is at stake!”?

  3. Jean says:

    Ask yourself,

    What would Jesus do?