(premature) Morning Highlights

I’ve got to hit the road early so I’m going to do the “link” roundup in two cuts. One now. One in the late morning (hopefully).

  • Over the last few days Fr Stephen has a series of one and two “storey” worldviews that is interesting, start here, then here and (so far) here.
  • Blue collar theology and a life’s story at Provocations and Pantings.
  • Bored kids and the boob tube at Resurgence.
  • An essay which brought to my mind my recent essay on sex and the church, this one on culture and the riptide at The Wardrobe Door.
  • A church of ill-repute by Mandi Kaye at Imago Dei.
  • Steve Olson and the self through the eyes of others.
  • The Chicago Boyz remind us that the recent past (and coming years) will find much in literature to teach us about good and evil in the hearts of men from those survivors of the Terror.

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  1. John Jay says:

    I think you give a bit too much of an excuse for Russian drinking culture by linking it to the Terror. For example, take a look at the reason Vladimir rejected Islam in his quest to find a new religion for his pagan realm:

    The believers of Islam told him of their glorious god but informed him he would be compelled to give up alcohol. This, Vladimir said in true Russian fashion, was preposterous.

    Alcoholism in Russia well pre-dates the Terror, and is intimately tied to the stifling of initiative and freedom caused by serfdom.

  2. Mark says:

    The remark on new Russian literature was a response to the remarks on Solzhenitsyn. New writing of experiences under the terror besides Solzhenitsyn are coming up, and I wasn’t aware of that until doing some Amazon searching quite recently (spurred on by comments to your post).

    Oh, Vladimir didn’t buy too much choosing Orthodoxy with regards to alcohol. The Orthodox still fast (are instructed to at least) for almost 1/3 of the year during most of which alcohol is proscribed. At the same time however, I’d imagine the Western right, i.e., Roman Catholic at that time were also fasting the same as the Eastern rite.

  3. John Jay says:

    Ah, now I understand. I thought you were acribing the “evil” of alcohol abuse to the terror.

    And fasting is one thing. The pagans did that, too. Outright prohibition is another. I’m still searching for that portion of the Letopis’ I read that was translated into modern Russian, where the Muslims explain about alchohol to Vlad. They couched it in terms of “but we let you have multiple wives”, but that didn’t cut much ice with a guy who was reputed to have over 600 concubines at the time. It was pretty funny.