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Good morning.

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  1. Cranmer says:

    Mr Pseudo-Polymath,

    His Grace would respectfully like to point out that his name is CraNMer.



  2. Cramner on abortion. He cites a instance where abortion was performed without consent. Warning, disturbing images.

    Ugh. First of all, he seems to use an anecdote where an abortion was (allegedly) performed without consent as an emotional argument against abortion. This is ridiculous, because EVERYBODY opposes abortion without consent. Second, he claims that abortion is “against God’s will,” which might be true or might not be true, but is certainly not a matter of consensus among theists, or even Christians, or indeed even Catholics. (A majority of Catholics in America are pro-choice.)

    I have only one response. God wishes abortion on demand.

  3. Mark says:

    I knew that! Really! Grrrrr. I’m going to have to have stern words with my editor … which I would do if he was not me with a different hat.

    Ah well. I’ll fix it post haste.

    Hmmm. Everybody is against a lot of things which still occur. How is that? Is it worth pointing out. Statistically, unless I (or the statistical gathering elves) made an egregious error there are more people enslaved in the modern West today than desire SSM. Everybody is against slavery today … but everybody doesn’t mean what it used to does it. Perhaps “everybody” never meant what it used to either? 🙂