Morning Highlights

Good morning.

  • Blog neighbor Mad Minerva reviews Transformers.
  • The “wisdom” of getting stoned (with rocks) at Dhimmi Watch.
  • Arminians and Armenians at Tominthebox … heh. Actually, aren’t Armenians mostly Orthodox and its therefore likely the Reformed/Arminian opposition doesn’t apply to them? But anyhow, it’s still funny. 🙂
  • Book reviews for the patristically inclined linked at The Way of the Fathers.
  • What is “anagosis”? Find out at biblicalia.
  • Siris has links and short summaries highlighting the Philosophy Carnival.
  • Parables comments on forgiveness and it’s meaning.
  • If in doubt … blame the Goths … at Bread and Circuses.
  • A war of fantasy, US and Iran at Jihad Watch.

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