Morning Highlights

Good morning.

  • Mere Orthodoxy noting GodBlogCon news in the air. I missed it last year, we’ll have to see what Mrs Pseudo-Polymath thinks this year. 🙂
  • On EOS (not comp/sci “End of String”) but excessive standing ovations at In The Agora.
  • Problems for future historians … too much data, noted at Siris.
  • Pot and kettle, Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars noting others tendency to overhype/sensationalize news, something he is often guilty of himself.
  • The social trinity discussed by Ben Myers at Faith and Theology.
  • Born yesterday … an important man at The Levellers.
  • Satire derived from Episcopal events at Tominthebox. Heh.
  • Words and meaning … in fun at Wondermark.
  • Lenin and weird cosmology at The Reference Frame … I think Lenin’s odd cosmological notions were the least of his many flaws, ahem, crimes.
  • High tech shotgun shells for crowd control at Engadget.
  • More on the Pope’s “line in the sand” I noted yesterday, from a Protestant and Orthodox perspetive.

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