Morning Highlights

Good morning.

  • Remember the Dead Sea Scrolls, so does David at Challenging Times (with pictures no less).
  • Europe, wine, and the plans of mice and men at Cramner.
  • Bromley on Barth featured at The Fire and the Rose.
  • Independent information on Baqubah by/from Micheal Yon.
  • Charismatics and cessationism by the Pyromaniacs by Phil Johnson.
  • Demonstrating a talent for the not-so-veiled insult, highlighted at Bread and Circuses, underwear indeed.
  • On the “adults” today at Mere Comments.
  • Dan Edelen at Cerulean Sanctum considers … books n trends n stuff.
  • A primer on the “crunchy con” at Right Reason a guest post by Rod Dreher.
  • Whence the bar on impeachment? The Donklephant notes some opinions of the founders, specifically James Madison.
  • The Scrivener instructs us Eagleton and literary theory and theorists.
  • Yes it’s Friday, and that’s a cat, but I thought it funny by Jason Blair at the Boar;s Head Tavern.
  • Near nakedness as protest is not limited to the states, it’s spread to India.
  • Zach Wendling at In the Agora thinks too many kids go to college these days.

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