Morning Highlights

Good morning.

  • A blogger tied to time, first post of the month locked on topic at Jesus Creed by Scot McNight.
  • Trust and love (of the Lord) at Dan Edelen’s Cerulean Sanctum.
  • Footwashing levity, “These boys sometimes come waltzing into church on Sunday night after shooting basketball all afternoon, then they go to taking their shoes off for foot washing and just about put half the church into a coma.” at TomintheBox. Hah!
  • Reconsidering Baptism at The Fire and the Rose by DW Congdon.
  • Ecology and running a parish at Lo-Fi Tribe.
  • Ben Myers talks art, in a book review of Gilead at Faith and Theology.
  • Siris and the metaphysics (or philosophical precursors) of faith or belief.
  • Publius Pundit is not impressed by ambassadorial puffery between Chavez and the mayor of Russia.
  • The UK “ring of steel” at The Belmont Club.
  • And Brother Maynard at Subversive Influences has a passel of links.

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