Morning Highlights

Good morning.

  • When you fly with the reformed, at tominthebox.
  • The Sudan and rape laws, or is it Sharia and rape laws in the Sudan at Dhimmi Watch.
  • Opinions of the “other” where religion is the question at On The Square.
  • The Belmont Club on the recent push by Congressional Dhimmicrats, ahem, Democrats to pull out of Iraq now!
  • Born today, an important author noted at Semicolon by Sherri.
  • David at He Lives found an important quote regarding faith and science from St. Augustine.
  • Al Mohler on homosexuality and choice, noted by Ruminations By The Lake.
  • Pictures to brighten any day at girltalk, of a very pretty girl.
  • Does God play hide and seek at Touchstone.
  • On icons by Fr Stephen at Glory to God for All Things.

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